Wednesday, 24 February 2016

On the beach at Hokitika

Photos from Saturday evening on an after dinner walk down to the beach.

Paddling - it was lovely and refreshing, particularly on my ankles which had been bitten by sandflies on the way down

One of the driftwood sculptures - not part of the competition as it was done by a professional artist

Jimmy and Maggie from Edinburgh with their son Ian who lives in Tauranga with his NZ wife - it was their accents that made me have a chat with them.

Be grateful I have only posted a few sunset photos out of the squillions that got taken ...

A very impressive sculpture
And there it goes - there were lots of people down on the beach that evening waiting for this moment. There is something magical about the sun setting over the sea, and it seems to me we have a primal need to watch it.


Jenny said...

Lovely photos Marilyn. You're right - there is something especially beautiful about a sunset, especially at the beach.

Janice said...

Hi Marilyn. I've just discovered your blog via Jenny and think I will enjoy seeing what you get up to. I love your Hokitika photos. We were there in February last year and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the sculptures in the sun set. Thanks for sharing.