Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The latest Zero Degrees Club meeting

David and I missed the latest meeting because of fog/low cloud in Tauranga and because of my inability to travel with any degree of equanimity with bratty kids (see previous post for more details). My bad ...

Anyway, it looks as though the Zero Degreezers had a fab time without us, and I am very pleased - mainly because at the time they were eating and imbibing, I was probably asleep! I do have a well deserved reputation for sleeping through parties (I once slept on a sofa bed in Jim and Judy's lounge while a ZD party was raging around me with very loud music and lots of singing and dancing, and even as recently as Friday, I slept in one of the lazyboy chairs at Kevin and Wendy's while waiting for my ride home. That time David and Bruce were also reclining and sleeping, so it wasn't only me as it usually is ...)

I wanted to post this picture so that you weren't left with the impression that the weather in Tauranga (or Katikati to be precise) is always rubbish - you can clearly see that they are eating outside and none of them look chilly.

The lovely ZD club members (not all of them but a goodly few!) From left to right:Jim, Pauline (aka Wind Me Up B*tch, as that what she does to David all the time), Jenny, Chris (these two both caringly nursed my aged aunt in her last weeks back in 2007), Helen the hostess with the mostest, Alan the host with the most, Mark and Jeff from Te Kuiti, and the inimitable Barry. Missing because she was doing her Anthony Armstrong Jones impression is Judy.

We knew some of these people before we went to the UK to live back in 2004, but all of us were in the UK together doing our silver** gap or elderly OE, and the friendships expanded to incorporate new members. The Zero Degrees Club was formed when we realised that we were all living near the meridian and none of us had a degree.
** Trust me, anyone in that group with non-grey hair uses products to make it so ...

I am going to request a copy of the minutes shortly to make sure that meeting standards were maintained.

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