Thursday, 19 November 2015

Now it's the house's turn

Joe is back with us again this week and he has nearly finished both the sunroom and the laundry. In point of fact the sunroom is complete and the laundry just needs a couple of topcoats on the woodwork.

The sunroom is the same colour as the hallway - a pale yellow called Otorohanga Quarter (Otorohanga is a small town quite close to the Waitomo Caves - when I was at Teachers' College and travelling back to New Plymouth by bus there was a  stop there for lunch. The place now has a lovely kiwi sanctuary that is well worth a visit, eh Lesley?)

Last Thursday evening Luke came over and moved the fold-down wall-bed from the office to the sunroom - we had thought it was a good idea to have it in the office, but in actuality David is so busy with work that we have been getting its mattress out and putting it on the lounge floor for visitors - not so cool. Moving it was a tough job as the bed is heavy and awkward to lift and shift. But Luke was more than equal to the task. David and I helped manoeuvre the trolley at one end but Luke did the bulk of the work lifting it with a strap over his shoulders and neck.

I had had to paint the wall it was going against in the sunroom, so had spent a couple of days getting that done prior to Luke's arrival. I was reminded why I stopped doing painting after the kitchen and left it to Joe - my arm got sore quite quickly again from using the roller.

The laundry is the same colour as the kitchen, and after using the pale yellow, the Melting Moment colour (also yellow but much deeper) seems extremely VIVID. However once the freezer is back in (6' high) and the washing machine and dryer are back in, there will not be so much yellow visible ...

Based on the reaction both Joe and I had to the laundry we have decided that the big larder off the laundry will be painted in the paler yellow - after all, I don't want to be confronted with food and supplies with a backdrop of bright sunshine, now do I?

The blinds for the sunroom have been ordered and will be in place before Christmas.

David and I have chosen and ordered the carpet for the whole house, and I have chosen the paint colours and purchased the wallpaper for one wall of the bathroom - a renovation project that we are hopeful will be completed early in the New Year. We are creating a doorway through our bedroom wardrobe  to the bathroom to make it a family ensuite (and remodelling the wardrobe space at the same time) That will save us having to troop down the hall into the bathroom in the middle of the night. The hall doorway will stay though. The bath is coming out and a toilet is being added. The toilet next door will be replaced and a handbasin installed. So the next thing is to choose toilets and vanity units - I already know what shower we'll be having.

When these bits are done there will only be David's office left to do - Yay!!

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