Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Even though the weather has been up and down since we got back, the garden is coming along well. There's a way to go before it's fully established and lush, but it's on the way.

The rhododendrons are beautiful, and the camellias flourishing. The colours are wonderful.
By the front fence - I have sown wild flower seeds along this patch and they have germinated happily.

Rhodo outside the lounge

One of the many camellias - an unusual flower
This rhodo is by the garage - its flowers are pale but look beautiful. Beyond it are the truncated but flourishing camellias, and behind it is the lovely maple.

I have decided that I want loads of colour down the driveway to make a bold and welcoming statement. When I was out last week, I saw a home with a fabulously lined path, so I went and asked if I could take photos of it and the plants bordering it. I have shown the photos to Rob and have now bought the plants to replicate the look here.

The woman whose place I photographed told me about Watson's Garden Centre in Otaki, so yesterday Dee and I went there. What a place!! I can tell I will be back there lots. Their plants are lovely, extremely reasonably priced and they have such a large range of stock.

The petunias are in the blue pot and the remainder are waiting on Rob to do his magic ... They are carefully positioned to take advantage of the welcome rain to keep them fresh.

There are several plants waiting on Rob's next visit, but I have planted more lettuces, silverbeet, spinach and flat leaf parsley in the raised vegetable garden and the maroon and white petunias are in the new tall blue pot at the front door.

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