Saturday, 5 September 2015

Back on board

I went down to Leatherhead in Surrey on Wednesday to attend my Aunty Joyce's funeral. She was 94, very ready to slough off this mortal coil, so we weren't sad about it. The only sadness for me anyway is that she was the second to last of my mum's seven siblings. Molly is still doing pretty well at 87 and a half - as mentioned before the half is very important to her! She does make me laugh though when she complains that her latest haircut makes her look old - NO, IT DOESN'T! She looks amazing for her age and she actually looks a lot younger than she is.

It was a nice funeral - small and friendly. There is a half hour slot allotted at the crematorium chapel, so no long eulogies permitted!

One of the lovely things was that all of Molly's Surrey-based sons came and Tonya, the daughter of Mum, Molly and Joyce's younger brother Ron, was also there. The grandsons of Molly's oldest sister Marge were there too - the grandsons are about the age of Molly's boys. Not surprising given that Molly was only six when Marge got married.

I am sure it was comforting for Tony (Joyce's son) to have such a good turn out of family around him. He has lived in Australia for quite a number of years, but has come back twice a year to the UK to visit his mum (and his Dad till he died in about 2004). This may well be his last trip over here, so seeing the cousins was lovely.

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