Sunday, 27 September 2015

Almost forgot ...

...that yesterday we passed nb Armadillo and Jill and Graham, her happy crew - how I forgot to report it I am unsure, as it was a pretty spectacularly inept bridge approach made by me just after we left the water point at Ansty. For some reason (going too fast while close to the bank, I think) I ended up on the far side of the cut, aiming for hawthorn and the side of the bridge. Given Graham had signalled me to come through, they must both have wondered what on earth I was doing disappearing from sight like that! Through the bridgehole we eventually came, without touching the sides, but leaf-strewn from the hawthorn; and lo and behold: familiar faces and familiar boat!

It's just a bugger that I messed up so spectacularly in front of people I know!

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