Tuesday, 8 September 2015

And how easy was that?!

A while ago after I posted about never doing the oil change again, Ken from nb Dogma left a comment about using a vacuum pump thingie (not what he called it, of course!) to siphon the oil out from the dipstick hole. At times I am a VERY slow learner and it took having another person (Steve at Debdale, in point of fact) suggesting the same thing for me to cotton on to the possibility that this could be a very good idea. See, I'm slow on the uptake in some things, esp where fear, loathing, incompetence, and avoidance behaviour come into play.

So a few weeks ago we bought a suckie siphonie thingie at a car accessory place in Thurcaston. (Is there such a place? near Watermead Park?) David immediately saw its myriad possibilities and set it to work siphoning the water out of the milk bottle he keeps under the greaser gland, then he used it a few days ago to get the last bits of water out of the bilge that the bilge pump isn't capable of removing.

And then today it was my turn - an oil change was due. All equipment in place, new filter seal oiled, and away I go. Ah sh*t, it's too slow for an impatient soul like mine. And David was busting to help. Given his recently acquired propensity for mucking about with oil, grease, things mechanical, I thought it was only fair to let him have a turn. So he did the honours while I sat holding the tube in the dip stick hole. Fabulous - the only thing that got slightly warm from the engine were the soles of my boots as they rested on the engine. Result in spades, I say!

The suckie thingie works a treat, no mess, no fuss. Thank you so much, Ken and Steve!!

The hardest and warmest bit of the operation was being down in the engine bay getting the old filter off - there's not much space to turn the filter spanner (or whatever it's called), and even though I am a shrimp, I find it hard to get my head down below the level of my waist to be able to see clearly what I am doing. But even that went better than usual, as I wasn't already overheated and stressed.

So now it's time to head for Nottingham - a productive morning all round as while I was waiting for the engine oil to warm up, I sanded and Fertan-ed the rust spots in the semi trad stern area.

Who cares if it's not sunny - we are feeling very pleased with ourselves ... (Am now watching for the slip between cup and lip, and making sure the pride is tucked away that comes before the fall, etc)


Ken and Sheena said...

Nice one, Marilyn. I called it a pela pump (after the company that makes them). But "suckie thing" is just as good. :). Hope you enjoy the cash you've saved. All the best....

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thanks, Ken and Sheena, I don't think ours is a pela pump brand. Does a good job tho.
The comeuppance for pride and being self satisfied wasn't long in coming - we got to the Sawley Locks and were beaten by the instructions - while I was on the boat David had to be coached by a woman from a following boat... Not to worry, all's well that ends well, as someone once said/wrote/is often quoted as having said/written ...

Catherine VK4GH said...

Every boat should have a "Pela" pump. Besides what you have used it for, we have used it to suck out dirty fuel from the bottom of the outboard fuel tank.