Friday, 5 June 2015

The photo post

There were some lovely permanent moorings here

The water level was quite low in this pound as can be seen  by the marks on the side of the canal

David is so far above me ...

See what I mean?
A very lovely lock cottage

It's quite a long way down over the gates
That teal thing is the offending breadboard that, all by itself, knocked the Nicholson's guide into the cut ...

This one is for our dear friend, Derek. Your namesake sits in a lovely position, DAW, with the beautiful hills in the background.
Our mooring for Wednesday and Thursday nights - beautiful

This young guy was behind us - moored at the same time. He sat out on the towpath on Wednesday night and played his squeezebox. The boats across the canal are on permanent moorings. Lovely!
The flag is up, tea is being drunk - I am sitting on my footstool, in case you were wondering

Looks pretty cool, we reckon.

On our walk yesterday to Great Seabrook, we walked up two of the Seabrook locks ...
and crossed this swing bridge ...

and walked along a public path through to the village.
On the way back, David rested his poorly foot on a well-placed bench.

Isn't that peaceful?

And just as peaceful looking ahead of us

This mum and her ducklings were regular visitors over the time we we moored. When we fed them a scarily large fish followed along and gulped bread off the surface of the canal. At first I thought he was after the ducklings - it was a he, of course, I could tell by his stalking nature ...

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