Saturday, 6 June 2015

Officially tired

This cottage was before the Marsworth Locks, I think

One of the Tring Reservoirs - a lot of people walk, cycle and fish here
Hammering in the pins - double pinning as Les Biggs taught us. First time of pinning this season and it was worth the effort to be in such a lovely spot

We set off at 8 this morning from beside the Tring Reservoirs above the bottom Marsworth lock and we moored up at Berkhamsted beside the Waitrose, just above lock 53 at 2.30pm, with only one stop for 20 mins for water. David tells me we've done 13 locks today.
For some reason, we didn't expect to be going through a long cutting after Tring
Some lovely dappled sunlight in places

Very close to a large city and it was peaceful

Allotments beside the cut - very well kept, aren't they?
An impressive house

Colourful rape field

Surprisingly rural in places

The park on the left and moorings on the right. I think that's us way in the distance.

We had tried to moor up at the first part of the moorings just below lock 52, but I am sure the Bismarck was sunk just where we were going to moor, and what's more, the trains were EXTREMELY LOUD. So we moved on. We intended to go down a couple of locks, but found a space just before the lock moorings - well, it was just before once the guy behind kindly smoodged back a bit.

So when we got here I was pooped. David was pretty tired but I think, although I have recovered from my poorly throat, I am still getting my strength back - more chardonnay required to top up the tank, methinks! David is a champion though - his heel is improving and he does take it easy, but he's managed all of the locks.

So here we are. We have been to Waitrose, we have had a wine, we have nibbled on rotisseried chicken and salmon pate and french bread. The TV doesn't go and I couldn't care less! We can hear the trains but not so LOUDLY as previously, and I don't think I will notice them shortly.

As soon as it's 6.30pm, I am declaring it officially my bed time.

Photos will be added tomorrow when I wake up ... OK photos now in and only 40 hours later!

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