Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Our second wonderful pub

This was the young kayaker last night getting back into his kayak after he'd capsized, hauled it out of the cut, tipped all the water out and relaunched it. He must have been freezing!
The bridge at Grove Mill. It's a lovely place.

Today we came down from Grove Mill, locking down to Batchworth with Pat and Roger on The Whispering Cat. Their daughter lives in Wellington and they are heading there for the UK colder months. They have our details, we have theirs and we expect to see them at Cafe Rata in February, or there will be trouble!

It was a lovely day's boating with glorious views across wonderful countryside.
The lock cottage at the top of Cassiobury Park

David is shaving (he is poorly) and Barry is working ....

But Barry has time for play

The woodland is beautiful
We stopped for lunch above a lock and this family smelled the fresh boat-baked bread. Funny how the adults sound quite raucous and the goslings have such cute cheep cheep sounds ....

We are moored up near Park Lane in Harefield. Real estate canalside here is marketted in the region of £1.4m.
I thought Lesley should buy the place between the trees so we could get ba free end of garden mooring. She tells me it's on the market for £1.4m - que?

So tell me again how you reckon England is full? This is within the M25...

And so is this - lakes, fields and woods as far as the eye can see. I don't want this filled with housing (or the HS2 either by the way) but don't tell me England is full.

We went for a walk intending to go to a pub in Harefield, but happily took a wrong path and ended up at The Old Orchard pub which looks out over the lakes and woods. As befits a pub with such wonderful views but often is not the case, the pub has great food and lovely wine. So we spent a couple of happy hours on the terrace drinking and eating. Barry spoke with Pauline but didn't have the heart to tell her what she was missing ...
The view from the terrace of The Old Orchard pub - stunning

The pub iteself
A few snacks to keep us going - Gary, see the ploughman's on a board! Best chips in the UK so far by miles!

A shot suggested by Barry who loves reflections
Barry walking back in dappled sunlight

Water lilies just coming from bud into flower

We are now back at the boat and the chicken intended for tonight's dinner has been put away in the fridge and we are all quiet.

We have told at least four people we have met on our way back that they should head for The Old Orchard - it is as lovely as The Boot in Soulbury and has such spectacular views.


Gary Carolyn said...

Not another plank of wood !!!!

Marilyn McDonald said...

Yes, and it fitted a whole lot more than a platter!
When you come this way, do make the effort to come up to The Old Orchard, in spite of them using plans for ploughman's ...