Friday, 27 February 2015

Working for a living is tough!

I am currently on an assignment reviewing a project and completing its closure report. It's been a great project by all accounts and reading the documentation and speaking with those involved is a pleasure given how well it has been thought through and conducted.

The thing I am finding though is that it's tiring leaving home at 7am to be in town in plenty of time for the start of the interviews and not getting home till after 5pm! How did I used to do that every day?

It was especially tiring yesterday when I had to take the car in as the previous night a tree had fallen on the railway track and electric cables. Of course I was one of hundreds of extra drivers on the road. So it was a 2 hour journey instead of one hour. And today I caught the train which was restful but I am out of practice for getting up early!

We had Bruce and Gary, Errol and Adrian here for dinner tonight and well before they left I was asleep along the couch stretched out (as much as a short person can be) between David and Bruce ... Good thing Joe, the rock star chef, was on duty - he is so much younger than all of us so he has much more energy!

Tomorrow we are going to B&G's for brekkie and for dinner. Perhaps Sunday will be a rest day?

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