Sunday, 22 February 2015

The bedroom blinds are up!!

Today I fitted the brackets for the bedroom blinds - a job that would take Luke 15 minutes, took me about an hour and a half.
  • Find all the tools required - now that is a challenge ...
  • Measure 100mm up from one end of the window frame, 
  • Then use the level to make sure the blinds will be level rather than just a standard height above the window frames in case they aren't level. I also had to make sure that the blinds that are adjacent to each other were lined up at the top.
  • Then make sure that the brackets will be placed on studs or otherwise be prepared to use rawl plugs
  • Mark where to drill 2 holes for each bracket
  • Drill holes and then screw in the brackets
Then David helped me fit the blinds - the brackets are quite easy once you get the knack of them, but until then they are awkward little suckers.

The fabric is Warwick Wrinkle

Dammit, the pillows aren't straight but the blind is fab!
We are delighted with how they look. Thanks, my lovely sister Dee, for helping choose the fabric. Thank you, darling David, for helping me get them up.


Lesley Bateman said...

Scarily that wallpaper actually looks OK. The whole room has come together very well

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thank you for the affirmation, ODS; you know I have impeccable taste, so of course the wallpaper looks OK. I am waiting for Dee to come over and give her seal of approval given she helped in selecting the material for the blinds. Mx

Lesley Bateman said...

Hmmm, well I wasn't sure. Having a bigger space helps.x

Lesley Bateman said...
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