Sunday, 12 January 2020

2 degrees of separation strikes again

As I write this, sitting in bed in the motorhome at Waitara Holiday Park, with Irene and Ian Jamieson from nb Free Spirit in their hired campervan beside us, I am looking out the window at a little hire caravan on the other side.

Yesterday a guy arrived on his motorbike to stay there, and as we were all four of us sitting in the sunshine drinking tea, we got chatting. He told us about his travels and mentioned he had a facebook blog. On asking where he originally hails from, he told us Gisborne. Aha, we all four of us said, we know people from Gisborne who live on their narrowboat. Barry Teutenberg (sp?) we said. I know Barry he said, he is a very close friend of mine and a party animal.

So Barry and Sandra, we have met and exchanged hummus** with your friend Nigel Reichenbach! He mentioned 186 Derby Street and said you would remember it ...
Nigel with Irene and Ian

And with me

Howzat for 2 degrees of separation then?

** Nigel had bought hummus without checking the label, discovered that the one he bought had gluten, so gave it to me. So he had some to eat, I gave him our already opened tub. Score for us as his was untouched!

We didn't have long with him as he has already headed away this morning, but we will keep up with his facebook blog. I've had a quick look. Check it out: search for wandering weka


Felix Wenzel said...

Nice photos and really great story!


Barry Teutenberg said...

Wow. Now that is a coincidence! I've known Nigel since back in 70's when I lived with friends in a notorious party house in Derby Street. It was the place to go for back then and we always had some sort party or event going on. Great fun! I was there for over seven years and got to meet an awful lot of people. Gisborne is not a big place (around 35,000) and rather isolated so it's very hard to be anonymous there.

Good to see Nigel is still travelling the backwaters of NZ. We will no doubt catch up when we're back there later this year.

Good to see you all having a great time there, enjoy!