Friday, 23 June 2017

Photo post #1

The chronology of these photos is fairly wonky, I am afraid and I apologise.

The starters were in Bidford on Avon in the first photo and the misleading chicken and asparagus risotto in the last one was in Stratford. See, this is what happens when I don't keep up with the blogging! Be warned and advised, procrastination is never a good idea!

These were the starters we had at the Bridge restaurant in Bidford on Avon. David's was essentially range egg - a pan of salsa, chorizo and tomato with an egg cooked in it. Mine was beetroot, roasted peach and feta. Yummy! That was the first of the three meals we had there ...

Having a rest in the cemetery at Bidford - not the final resting place though.

This one is for Wayne, in case it's a familial connection.

The seedlings have germinated and are peeking through - they are now much bigger! And more have been planted.
I haven't got the hang of selfies yet, but I think that is John following us. See the new Goose tiller pin? He is very efficient at holding the rope on the tiller.

Too much rough water that way

But much calmer view this way.
Lovely house and garden

I'll have this one, plus cleaning staff...
Or this one, complete with gardener - Rob, are you coming too?
Lovely moorings just out of Stratford, at Stan Clover Lock, I think.
I think this is grossly misleading advertising/depiction of the product! If the picture looked like the actual product I wouldn't have bought it. It has put me off readi-meals! Let's face it, its purchase was a momentary aberration anyway.

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Lisa said...

Oooooo roasted peach! David is always roasting beets, but with peach does sound wonderful. Glad you are enjoying your trip.
As you know we are home again for a spell, we have choices for our return, I did suggest that we just turn around and retrace our steps going up the Avon as we enjoyed it so much.... looks much busier now though.

Have fun, remember My Great Grandfathers Place in Tewkesbury if you deserve a treat,

Lisa x