Friday, 2 June 2017

Elderflower cordial - sugar and water ratio

I mentioned in the last post that the elderflower cordial recipe I looked up has 2.5kg of sugar for 4 litres of water.

I am happy to report that 500g of sugar with about 25 heads of elderflower, rind of 2 lemons and said lemons sliced plus 1.5 litres of water makes a very lovely refreshing cordial.

If I had made it in the ratio of the original recipe I would have had to use almost a kilo of sugar. So using about half is perfectly fine.

To quote Jaq Bigg's daughter, Shiery, 'There, that's a thing you know now!'

By the way, the recipe also called for citric acid, but that isn't a readily available store cupboard standby. So it got left out ...

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Carol said...

How long do you have to leave it to steep Marilyn before it can be drunk?