Monday, 31 August 2015

What is the weather like today?

Well, it's Bank Holiday Monday so of course it's raining.

Now before anyone gives me beans about this generalisation, I need you to know that this prejudice is inherited - I got it from my mum. She had a saying that she used when we were bored or stuck inside (generally these two were mutually inclusive) 'You look like a wet weekend on an Bank Holiday' she'd say. Like many sayings our parents use (e.g. 'If you don't behave I'll read you the Riot Act' - what??) we understand them by context rather than by actual meaning. But here we are and it's raining.

I am not complaining though. I am back in bed after having had a cup of tea made for me earlier. Then when David said he was going to have banana and muesli and yoghurt for breakfast I declared that boring and got up to make us pikelets, bacon, bananas and maple syrup with a side of yoghurt - now doesn't that sound more interesting and yummy?

Then back to bed for me while David peeled squash (not real pumpkin), a sweet potato (not real kumara) and some crinkly parsnips so I can make soup later.

He says he is going to repair the bilge pump shortly, but I fear he will get wet as that part of the bilge is not protected by the pram cover. I do think this manly stuff is going to his head, or somewhere more testosterone-driven. I am sure there must be some IT task requiring his attention.

My only mission for the day, should I decide to accept it, is to don my coat, get the granny trolley out from under the bed, and head for the Coop to stock up on salad veg. I used to love walking in the rain as a teenager so I think I should renew that passion.

We went for a walk along the towpath late yesterday afternoon before dinner and saw that there are no other visitor moorings at all - some places where, if you cut the nettle back, you'd be able to bang in some pins, but no real moorings. We walked back through the northern part of Barrow on Soar to the bridge by the Navigation pub which is close to the mooring. I think I'll need to cross that bridge again and head south towards the high street and the Coop. One task prior to arising from my bed is to look it all up on google maps. Liking walking in the rain is one thing, but not being able to find the shop while it's tipping it down is something else quite silly, I think. Perhaps finding out its opening hours on a bank holiday might also be useful ...

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