Thursday, 6 August 2015

I've done it twice, I don't need to do it again!

Yesterday I changed the engine oil and got it all done, but dripped old oil all over the auction, used up half a roll of kitchen paper and several plastic bags, dripped oil on my boots, wiped it on my jeans and shirt and got some in my hair.

It took me ages to do it and at the end as we were clearing up - I find it is a two person job getting oil-saturated paper towels into a supermarket shopping bag without dripping oil all over the jetty or back deck - David asked me wasn't it worth it to pay someone else to do it in future.

Short answer: YES!! So now that I've done it twice, proved to myself (and our son) that I can do it, I no longer need to, unless we are a distance from someone professional that I can pay to do it. So from now on, I am only descending to the engine bay to do the requisite checks.

And a note re Vodafone: the email through the web portal to the Customer Operations Director worked!! We have had our email service restored (although they hadn't restored the imap aspect), a helpful email from the Complaint Lead and she called last night wanting to talk through the issues. She will call back tonight at a better time and there is a bullet point feedback list being prepared. Helpful suggestions to improve the 'customer experience'. No point in suggesting they put on more call centre staff, but having music better suited to the customer demographic would help and a loop of an hour given that is how long the wait can be when on hold. 

More later!


Ken and Sheena said...

Did you empty it via the sump? With a pela pump you can extract it from the dipstick holes, and the whole procedure is considerably less messy. The pump pays for itself after one oil change.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Ken and Sheena, The Lister engine has a hand pump that is used for removing the oil. The mess occurs when I lift up the milk bottle that I have collected the oil in - firstly I always manage to tip it slightly as I edge it around and through the gamut of engine/cables/gearbox; secondly the pump always drips a bit, even if I turn the stopper thingie at the bottom; and thirdly I manage to make a pig's breakfast of emptying the dirty oil from the large basin into one of the 5 litre oil bottles ... No doubt I could get more skilful at the job but I really don't think I can be arsed ;-) I may change my mind when the next oil change is due in 100 hours. We shall see! Of course, I could always commission David to do the job, but I think pigs will fly before that event occurs ...

Abraham Yates said...

Sometimes it's really best to have professionals do the job for you. It may cost you some money, but I believe that it's worth it, as you are mostly guaranteed that you are not going to experience any hassle after. Plus, you can be sure that it will be done smoothly and in time. But it's good that you learn how to do it too, in case there wouldn't be any service available in your place. Have a great day, Marilyn! :)

Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Abraham, Ken mentioned in the comment above about a pela pump that makes the job easier. I am buying one today and am quite looking forward to giving it a go. If I can do the job without making such a mess I will be happy indeed! Ken's point about it paying for itself with one oil change is a good one and means I will have more finds available for decent chardonnay ...
I would never undertake mechanical jobs that require expertise, but the oil change is pretty foolproof - messy but foolproof as long as I follow the instructions and use common sense.
Cheers, Marilyn