Wednesday, 15 July 2015

it's Wednesday so it must be Ventnor Farm we are near

We unexpectedly still have Olek with us for the next several days. When his mum and dad were here to collect both kids in the weekend, and after everything was loaded in the truck for the journey back to Scotland, Olek suggested that he might like to stay on. Fab news for us, so his gear was unloaded, and here he is.
On Monday, given the weather was pants, we stayed put at Marston Doles and Olek and I spent the morning in our respective beds reading (LOTR  first book for him and some Mary Wesley for me).

David and I had a struggle getting water in the afternoon to stretch the hoses to reach the boat without moving it. Managed it but it was a close run thing.

Even tho I'd been in bed all that morning I was tired and went to bed early, leaving Olek watching TV. Mmmmm! David discovered him at 10.50pm still watching (his bed is the sofa). So on Tuesday he was a sleepyhead in the morning. We left him sleeping as we descended the first two locks and then got him up as we approached the main Napton flight. Toast was provided at the locks and he valiantly worked them with David. On then to the Grand Union and down the three double locks at Calcutt. They broke him!!!

We moored up outside Ventnor Farm Marina and noted the significant amount of goose poo. Olek demonstrated his goose poo avoidance technique - successfully at first. But then a misstep and into the canal he went! I threw my glasses off and was about to jump in to get him, when he clambered out by himself. Unfortunately I was so focused on rescue that I didn't get photos. He has committed to a re-enactment when Lesley gets here tomorrow.

Given Olek's deep joy (not!) at the thought of at least another 13 double locks to get to Warwick, conflated with David's horror at the thought of them (poorly foot is still in play, and it is DEFINITELY real) today a change of plan was agreed. So we cruised up to the Stockton flight but turned back before them, moored up and walked to the Blue Lias pub for lunch, walked back to the boat and returned to yesterday's mooring.

In the morning we will head back to Napton to meet Lesley, the wonderful ODS of various posts. She can only stay s couple of nights. But any time with her is worth it. I may even get to help relieve her of some cash for furniture etc. and she is bringing the next LOTR book for Olek. Yay!!!


Ken and Sheena said...

Goose poo has been a real problem this year. Can you explain Oleks avoidance technique? I love to hear it.

Ken and Sheena said...

*would love to hear it.

(Up to the point where the pracitioner falls into the canal).