Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Four McDonalds onboard

The laptop power supply has died and a new one will be here hopefully Friday, from Apple via Scotland. I didn't think about asking Oxfordshire Narrowboats if we could have it delivered to them for pickup. So this is being laboriously typed on the phone. Magic to be able to do it, but quite hard, esp as I am lying in bed before the grandsons wake up. It's the last few minutes of quiet for the next twelve hours...
We are currently moored, courtesy of Bones, on the offside below the quarry outside Kirtlington. I saw Bones yesterday as we came along looking for a place the boys could stretch their legs. It is amazing how having read people's blogs, that you get a sense of knowing someone and an ease in stopping to introduce yourself and chat. Well, I do!!
Bones told me about the quarry and here we are. A wonderful space for ball games, running around, exploring and using up energy. Then a BBQ, a bath for the youngest crew member who was tired and cranky. It used to work for his dad over 30 years ago and worked on karol as well. Note to self: make sure there's plenty of water for a bath therapy treatment each day ..,
Time to get up. So more later with photos when I work out how on the phone.

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