Monday, 11 May 2015

Two days till lift off

So I have commenced the packing and managed to scare myself with how much the first bag weighed on the hanging scale - until I realised I was looking at the gradations for lbs rather than kgs. Doh!! What was even sillier about it is that there is NO WAY I can lift 30kgs without a severe struggle, so why I didn't realise sooner is beyond me.

David has been to visit his mum in Masterton and say goodbye for 5 months. His sister is over from Brisbane at the moment and they have sorted out what to do if things go pear-shaped while we are away. Mary has a wonderful carer who comes in a couple of times a day and on one of her visits brings a plated up evening meal - since Judy has been doing that, Mary's health has improved.

Yesterday Joe started the spring (well, autumn actually) cleaning of the house - the bathroom and toilet are sparkling. Just the rest of the rooms to go today before he leaves us. He has been living with us for almost four years and it feels strange and sad to be saying goodbye, but we all agree it's time.

On Saturday we had an At Home for friends and neighbours to say a temporary goodbye - a lovely event with lots of laughter and mingling of an eclectic group of people. The weather is still so mild here that a number of people sat outside in the sunshine. I did go and get the box of pashminas for additional warmth at one point, and managed to give away two of them - two that I hardly use.

So today there are a few tasks remaining including completing the packing, buying a few more paving stones to be placed under the clothesline and the bags of sand to set them on. Then it's finishing the cleaning and clearing.

We aren't due to leave till Thursday but if the forecast is for crap weather that may stop us flying to Auckland for the international flight, we will hire a car and drive up. So we need to be ready early just in case.

We are excited to be coming back to spend time on the cut, and we also feel sad to be leaving our close friends and new home here in Waikanae. We love it here and are so pleased we made the move.

So another cup of tea and then up and at'em, Atom Ant! The packing and cleaning won't do themselves, now will they?


Jenny said...

Have a wonderful flight over to UK, and then you will be able to get on with your narrow-boat adventures again.
Robin and Jenny

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thanks, Jenny and Robin, Packing is nearly complete but there is still a stack of stuff littering the office floor that needs to be packed in David's cabin bag; house is spick and span and earthquake wax applied to some of the things I don't want to lose in the event of the big one while we are away. Cheers, Marilyn