Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sickly and static at Stoke Hammond

I have been feeling poorly for the last couple of days - sore throat, skin feeling tender all over. This morning I asked David to make sure that I stayed in bed for the day so I can recover. I'm dosing myself with cough medicine in warm water (as suggested by the helpful pharmacist in Netherfield yesterday) and ibuprofen.

Mick just rang a few minutes ago and suggested lemonade and honey. No lemonade on board but we do have lemons and we do have honey - not manuka, but sick beggars can't be choosers! So my next task is to prepare a posset of lemon and honey.

David is taking advantage of a non-boating day to catch up on boatie tasks. In his search for the pliers to sort out the TV aerial cable, he found his never to be found again windlass pouch and his lock gloves (leather gardening ones they are and protect his tender hands). He has sorted the aerial, tidied the cratch lockers, and mopped water from the cabin bilge in the galley - we suspect the washing machine that did get a hammering with three loads the other day. As we fill it with warm water by jug rather than letting it fill on the cycle and get heated, we may have put in too much. Not sure how it overflows, but when Barry and Pauline come to visit, the two guys will pull the machine out and have a look.

His next task is to attach the chain sections to the D rings and then to secure the solar panels to their brackets.

After that it'll be time to prepare dinner. I wonder what culinary delights he will consider fit for a poorly wife? Considering my view is that when sick, a person should be off their food, I do hope he doesn't adhere to the same principle ...


Kelvin and Rachael said...

Hi Marilyn and David, sad to hear you are not well at the moment Marilyn, a day in bed is sure to help. I like the solar panels, they look great! Are they working as you had hoped? Regards, Kel and Rachael

Marilyn McDonald said...

I am feeling better today, Kelvin and Rachael. Still have the remnants of the cough and the sore chest that goes with it, but body feels better overall. We are moving on to Soulbury shortly.
The solar panels are great - in yesterday's sunshine they easily got the batteries up to 100%, so we are very pleased with them. Cheers, M

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Sorry to hear you were laid low. Had we been nearby I would have brought you some homemade Chicken soup and made you a hot toddy of lemon juice, hot water, Manuka honey (we have some), cinnamon, cloves, and rum.

Glad to hear you feel better today. Kudos to David for all that sorting and organizing. I am exhausted after reading of it and must take a nap now.

Marilyn McDonald said...

OK, Jaq, hurry on down. I am improving but I could do with more TLC! Mxox