Sunday, 22 March 2015

The value of hiring husbands

In NZ there is a business called Hire a Hubby. I am not sure if they are present anywhere else. Link is here I think.

Last Monday and Tuesday two of the Waikanae hired hubbies came and did some DIY work here - well, more accurately they did some HSETDI (hire someone else to do it).

So now we have a length of fencing between us and Peter and Margaret's place and we no longer see Peter's rather tatty plastic lean-to glasshouse that he uses to store stuff in and raise seedlings.
Apart from this lean to, their place is immaculate. The gate at the far end hides it from their view but not, until now, from ours

It did have the corrugated clear plastic on the side but that had to be removed so it wasn't on our side of the boundary and so the fence could be erected

Westie, one of the hired hubbies, stacking the timber prior to getting the fence up. He and Boof were very fast workers - the four holes were dug, the posts concreted in and the fence completed within about 4 hours. I think the secret is in using a nail gun!

The finished article - great not to see the lean-to. The fence will soon have fruit trees and roses espaliered against it.
They completed the internal access from the garage, put up the clothesline, hung the dryer on the laundry wall, fitted additional shelves in our wardrobe, and affixed a piece of the former kitchen bench to the corner in the garage - for 5 brief minutes I had a workbench, that is until David filled it with boxes, dammit. I guess the problem is it's over a metre long. My dad had a saying that any workbench that was over a metre was actually a shelf. Too true, pa...
David at the Narnia door a couple of months ago

After a day of tree chopping and trimming, Luke improved it slightly before he headed home, so at least we could get through it

Yay!! Internal access. Even Gary, at 6'7", doesn't have to duck! We have had a lock fitted and the last job is to fit coat hooks either side

This had 3 shelves that were so deep as to be pretty useless as they were impossible to keep tidy. They are fairly shared out now, I have 4 and David has 2.

Westie put the clothesline up and David has removed the small tree that was in the way. I am going to plant something fast-growing something against Russell's garage - an ivy perhaps.

I am very impressed with the Hire a Hubby guys - they did great work for a good rate. They did enjoy the muffins Joe made for morning tea and declared they'd be happy to come back anytime!

 And that's not all the progress, but further installments will be posted shortly.


Tom and Jan said...

The have "Hire a Hubby" in Adelaide, South Australia.

Marilyn McDonald said...

I was sure it was too good an idea to be limited to NZ. I did think that here in Waikanae it would be mainly elderly (ie older than us) who would use it but the guys said they did more work for middle aged and younger people down in Paraparaumu - all too busy to do it themselves.
I know that in London at least, there was a group of chaps who assembled flatpack furniture for people - one of the most talented software engineers who I'd ever had working for me in NZ, worked at it flatpack assemblage in London when his blonde dreadlocks precluded him from interviews. When he came back to NZ I saw him having lunch in a park near where I was working (and needing a software engineer or two), and I hired him immediately!
I must check if the francise is in place overseas - a good business opportunity for someone!