Saturday, 31 January 2015

Permission not to panic, Mr Mainwaring sir!

Well, the good news is that my panic about the transparency of the paper on the feature wall in our bedroom was needless! As the paper has dried even more over the last week, the paper has lost its transparency and the gib board (sheetrock or plasterboard to people from the northern hemisphere) is no longer showing through. The paper is looking splendid. I AM DELIGHTED! So I don't have a week's worth of additional effort of prep work and replacement which I was not looking forward to at all, given all the other redecoration that is ongoing or in the queue here.

I have painted the kitchen ceiling and put undercoat on the walls over the last two days and I am taking today off. The ceiling needs another coat even though the instructions says one is sufficient - I cleaned the ceiling with sugar soap but I am pretty sure I just moved the dirt around really. Flat paint is hard to clean and probably not the best in a kitchen. The paint has a great feature for application tho - it goes on pink and dries white. It is so good being able to see where I've already painted and where I haven't, esp when I am using the flip-top feature of my neck and head...

With the ceiling looking distinctly whiter than before and the walls quite dazzlingly white with the undercoat, we almost need sunglasses in there! It has confirmed my view that we need a softer wall colour.
The stove is being replaced with a white Smeg underbench oven and a Bosch induction hob. The hole in the wall where the isolation switch was (relocated in to the cupboard up on the right) will be covered by tiles or a splashback, depending on price.

The benchtop and cupboard doors/drawer fronts are being replaced. The tray is needed under the kettle as any drips from teabags are all too visible on the pale blue benchtop - and it stains too easily!
The whole kitchen rejuvenation is due to occur on Thursday - the plumber and electrician are lined up too, the appliances are due to be delivered early this week. So here's hoping it all occurs then. I'll be busy on Monday and some of Tuesday getting paint on the walls, at least within the working area of the kitchen.

The lounge/dining blinds are almost ready to be collected but won't be put up till I've redecorated; and the bedroom blinds can't be too far away. It is coming together slowly but surely!

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