Monday, 22 December 2014

Office update

Given David’s reputation is at stake, I decided that I really ought to provide an update about the state of his office.

He quickly realised that neither the big table he’d brought from our old house nor the trestle table donated by Gary and Bruce would do the trick re taking up a minimum of space and being easy to remove when guests come to stay. So we measured the space that would be ideal for a second desk and off I went shopping – that is no hardship for me …

At one of the big hardware stores here (Mitre10 Mega is like B&Q or Bunnings) I found one the perfect size. It was so small that I could get it in front of the back seats of the car!
The table is small but perfectly formed ...
and there's room for chairs for his clients to sit. Leaning against the bed behind the blue chair is a sunshade blind I bought yesterday as partial replacement for the curtains.

As you can see in the photo it fits enough equipment so David can have two jobs on the go at once (multi-tasking …) All of the remaining equipment, cables and boxes have been stored in the wardrobe and the room looks lovely and tidy.

On Friday I unpacked the cups and saucers and got them all assembled in the china cabinets. I was absolutely delighted that there wasn’t one breakage! An excellent result!!
One of the three china cabinets - note the paintings are still stacked on the floor though
Georges and his brood have found a new home. Other chickens (3) are on the bathroom windowsill and one is out on the dining room porch. Such was the squawking from the fowl union, I had to relent and let them stay inside

Yesterday I drove to Palmerston North and ordered the roman blinds for the lounge/dining room – I needed a lie down afterwards, even though I got 40% off the making. The material is the cheapest part of the purchase by a country mile – fabric and lining came to only 20% of the total. But 30% of the total was for the chain mechanism rather than having pull strings – that seems pretty steep. The making is expensive and I don’t begrudge that as a fair hourly rate is appropriate and they are complicated – the sewing is straightforward but the construction is complex. Dee was with me and reminded me that they are a lifetime purchase – if we are here in this house for another 20 years I am damn sure we won’t be replacing them! 
It has been an expensive week – the bill for the new gas hot water cylinder and putting a compliant flue on the gas heater plus the bill for all the electrical work we’ve had done both arrived in the last couple of days. I need to go back to work SOON! Jo, help!


Jennifer said...

Hello you two, don't know your email, so wishing you both the merriest of Christmases and also health and happiness in 2015. See you on the 'cut' - can't wait. Enjoy your new home. Jennifer and Peter nb. Mactra's Filia (presently in Hobart)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Jennifer and Pete, Merry Christmas to you two too!
My email is
We are loving being in the new house - Waikanae is lovely, warm, and very leafy!
Let us know where you are going to be and when you are starting on the boat next year - a catch up in more than passing would be lovely!
Cheers, Marilyn and david