Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tuesday 26 Aug - what a long blogging gap!

On Tuesday we moved on to Stone. En route, we stopped in Barlaston briefly and I went over to what had been the Londis shop. It used to be really well stocked but is being changed to a One Stop shop, and the stock lines appear to be being run down at the moment. I managed to get yoghurt**, milk and some totally unnecessary choccy treats, but almost nothing else on my list was available. We had thought we might head to moor up just above the lock at Aston, but by the time we got to Stone I was ready to stop. The thought of Thai takeaways for dinner was too tempting! The mains were pretty ordinary but the starters were fine.
** We have onboard an Easi Yo yoghurt maker and we make our own Greek style yoghurt from the sachets that are available here from Holland and Barrett and the occasional supermarket. David had assiduously shopped for the sachets of Greek Easi Yo when he was back in NZ to save us having to find H&B stores close to the cut. When I say assiduously, I mean he looked for the word Greek on the sachet, found and purchased 8 of them, and carried them back to the boat. When I made raita on Saturday to go with the chicken curry, I added some turmeric and thought that I didn’t think turmeric was sweet, but the raita tasted pretty good anyway. At breakfast in the morning, I wondered what Pauline had added to the fruit salad to make it so sweet – didn’t taste like the manuka honey I use. Then David confessed – the yoghurt was the Greek and Coconut flavour. As were ALL of the sachets he brought back. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Hence my shopping for plain unsweetened yoghurt.
We decided we would stay in Stone an extra day, explore the town which is where the Trent and Mersey Canal was initiated according the signage, to do some shopping at Morrison’s – we need more meat and chardonnay, and two squeegee mops (one for the floors and one to mop out the water the bilge pump won’t remove). I was keen to take the granny trolleys for an outing ...

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