Saturday, 14 October 2017

No more sleeps till we head for home

A quick note to say that we are in the Premier Inn at Heathrow, and after breakfast, we will head to Terminal 2 for our flights home to NZ.

I haven't blogged since we first got back to Foxton Locks - a post is partially drafted, but needs updating and photos. I will look to do that between checking in, security and boarding the plane.

One crisis was averted this morning - I realised that I had made the hotel booking in Auckland (we arrive at 11.25pm, exactly 24 hours after we leave LHR) for the wrong night. A phone call has sorted it fortunately - it would have been crappy indeed to turn up at Reception to find there was no room for us ...

OK, time for another cup of tea and then downstairs for brekkie.

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