Monday, 4 September 2017

Jaq Biggs is a lush and I have her permission to say so!

In fact, she was rather pleased that I decided to use that title for this post - she said it would be good for her reputation which she (mistakenly) thinks is too shiny right now ...

I have evidence, by the way - I am not just saying it for effect. No, not at all.

We have spent the last 4 nights in Jaq's company, moored up right in front of her at Tixall Wide. And on three of those afternoons/evenings, she has led me astray with regards to alcohol! She was assisted in that mission by having a box of Hardy's Cabernet Shiraz - chateau cardboard that she can tote around under her arm. Bad, bad woman.

The first night we had roast leg of lamb for dinner on Waka Huia, and were joined by her friend Chris who is also moored on the Wide. Before Chris arrived, Jaq had already inveigled me into afternoon imbibing.
Evidence: wine glass in hand, sunshine showing in the cratch, beatific smile on face - Jaq's, I mean. Mel always smiles!

Happiness is a glass of wine and a cuddle with Mel.

She doesn't want Mel to see her glugging that wine down ...

Then on the second night we went to her boat for dinner. I left early (I cannot hack the pace ...) and she and David continued to chat for quite a while. No photos, I'm sorry, just one of the sunset and moon rising.
Lovely peaceful evenings here on Tixall Wide - it is a beautiful place to moor.

The moon coming up
On the third night we were joined by Adrian and Adam from Briar Rose who had journeyed long and arduously from Hopwas to get to us. Jaq was imbibing before they arrived and happily consumed bubbles on the towpath and then more cab shiraz over dinner.

Big big glass of cab shiraz plus a glass of bubbles ... Adrian seated, Adam standing, David MIA.

Mmm, two glasses for Jaq. David is back, but in his usual very considerate way, was not comfortable almost blocking the towpath.

So he took my chair. L-R: David, Jaq, Adrian, Adam. I tried to do a selfie with me in it too, but couldn't sort it ...

So David took one of us. Oops, this shot shows me with 3 glasses - water in the big glass, chardonnay (well, it's empty really) in the glass in the little table and bubbles in hand. Oh well - I still blame Jaq though!
 The next morning (Sunday, ie yesterday) David and I headed up to the junction to get water and meet up with our son Tim for brekkie (he was on his way from Manchester to Banbury for the day).
Sunrise yesterday morning

Slightly misty looking back from Waka Huia along the Wide

But pretty clear ahead as David unties for our early start - about 6.45am, I think. We had skyped with Kirsty for her birthday before heading off.

Adam and Adrian came past while we were moored up across from the Canal Farmshop (a brilliant place that I have been to every day since we got here ...) and said Jaq had come out to say goodbye and declared she had a hangover. Quelle surprise!

I on the other hand, didn't have a hangover, but was extremely tired, so when we had said goodbye to Tim, shopped in the farmshop, and cruised back to our mooring in front of Jaq, I promptly went back to bed for the day.

Jaq came over for a chat in the early evening, but neither of us imbibed. Livers needed a good rest. No more wine for me until Saturday in Willington when Barry and Pauline arrive and we meet up with Mick and Julia!

It has been very lovely being with Jaq for the last few days, but she is an extremely bad influence on me! But do you know, I have a feeling she is going to write a post which puts all the blame on me ...


Jennie said...

I am so glad for all of you that you have had some time with Jaq - I am sure the odd glass or three will have done you all good!! We are on the Wey with a succession of visitors which is fantastic, but there is a lot of eating out as well as imbibing - not good for the waistline! They are people we don't see very often, so we are determined to make the most of it. Jennie xx

Marilyn McDonald said...

It was great to spend time together with Jaq, and wonderful that Adam and Adrian sped speedily to reach us for dinner and much laughter that evening.
The wine was the least of it all really, but it's important not to let the facts get in the way of a good story, eh?

Carol said...

A good time was had by all! xx

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

A good time was indeed had by all and while I drank my share of wine I do remember events! My blog post wirh additional details will appear soon! It was sensational having you both near at hand for four days! I am still in recovery.

Love Jaq xxx