Saturday, 27 May 2017

Photo post - Olek steering

In the last post I mentioned that Olek has learned to steer the boat and did a sterling job. I couldn't put any photos up in the post because they were on 3 different cameras, all belonging to David, and I needed them transferred to the laptop.

I can announce, dear readers, that they are now in place in the Blog Folder on this machine and ready to be shown in public for the first time!
And safely through the bridgehole - without touching the sides! You'll notice Olek stands on the stool that I use, and Karol is sitting on one of the stools that Big Neil re-upholstered. The dock leaves are on deck in case anyone gets stung by nettle ...

After the bridge, negotiating his way between trees on the offside and boats coming towards him - well done, that fabulous 12 year old grandson!

David calls this the 'Kilroy was here' photo for some strange reason ...

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