Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Only 8 sleeps to go! 😴😴

The countdown has begun in earnest and the packing has started! Yesterday I packed one case (we are allowed 2 each) and filled it with:
  • my muesli ingredients - in case there are no supermarkets in England, you understand,
  • the curtain material and bumpf lining that I brought back from the boat in 2015 to make up - still in the same vacuum bags that it arrived here in and still in the same unmade state,
  • a very big windlass that for some inexplicable reason is in NZ with us - who the hell knows why, given windlasses are no use here
  • the boat manual that I marked up to edit because of changes we've made to the boat's electrics etc - still marked up, still not re-done
  • various papers about the boat
  • 2 jars of feijoa jelly (homemade)
  • 1 jar of feijoa chutney (purchased)
  • 2 x 500g tubs of manuka honey
  • a glass serving bowl
  • three large envelopes of photos some of which will be made into a book for a special occasion
  • papers for David's tax return that he will do on the boat in a spare moment - most likely to be found at the very last moment before he would incur a penalty for late return that will cancel out and overtake his likely refund ... 
However, re the last point, I cannot criticise my lovely husband's procrastination, given at least two of the bullet points above demonstrate my propensity for that behaviour too - I can't use the excuse of work, because I've had lots of weekend time where I have blobbed and read instead of being gainfully engaged in curtain making or manual preparation. 😀

I have a few more days of work to complete - the project is nearly over and we are in administrative closure mode, so best I get on.


Lisa said...

Please can you bring me 3 kilos of Feijoas.

no make it 6 kilos.

Marilyn McDonald said...

If I can find some home grown ones over the next few days I will bring some - they are just the most yummy fruit, aren't they? I will bring you a jar of feijoa jelly that I made recently though.