Sunday, 13 November 2016

I am staying put today

After the big earthquake overnight and the multiple after-shocks.

We felt the big one but went back to sleep, and only woke when Tim phoned from London to check we were OK.

I was meant to be up at 4.30am but my boss Kevin said no, that travel by road into Wellington would be dicey (we texted at 3am-ish), so I have re-scheduled my flight till tomorrow.

But we shall see.

In the meantime, we are having friends over for brekkie to give and receive support.


Jennifer said...

Glad you're both ok. Poor New Zealand, Jennifer and Peter nb Mactra's Filia (Tassie)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thanks, Jennifer and Peter,
It is a question of wait and see re the earth's next moves, so to speak. We are told by friends that the after-shocks are constant in Wellington, but 45 kms north we aren't feeling most of them. It may be that our house, built on a concrete slab, is particularly stable and is quite low-slung.
Cheers, Mairlyn

Carol said...

Goodness me Marilyn, stay safe.

Jenny said...

We felt the "Big One" at midnight, and only one of the many hundreds of after shocks.
It's the Shaky Isles indeed down here.
Looking at the tremendous damage to the South Island roads and railway line it makes you wonder how and when it will all get fixed. And thankful that the loss of life was so small.
Jenny and Robin

Les Biggs said...

Just rising out of my post operative high to check on peeps around the world. Relieved to read you two are okay as are your ND friends and fam. Sending you both loads of love and asking Me Nature to take it easy. Xxx Jaq