Monday, 4 July 2016

Winter? What winter?

Working from home this week, and took a lunch break (well, it's a fasting day, so not lunch, just a cup of tea) out on the verandah. David fetched the extremely accurate thermometer as we were both feeling a bit warm in jeans and long sleeved tops.

22.6 degrees Celsius in the shade!!

And see that? 33.1 deg Celsius in the sunshine

To prove it's not summer, you can see the magnolia is leafless. But look at that very blue sunny sky!

The fairy rose is still flowering

And the lemon grass is still growing. I decided not to torture UK readers in the height of the northern summer with photos of the flourishing parsley and rhubarb and alstromerias ...or the flowering tree fuschia ... Kind and merciful, eh?
OK, confession time: the sky has now clouded over a bit as we are expecting a southerly to come through. Well, it's allowed, after all it IS meant to be winter!

But wait, it's now 6am Wednesday morning, it's cloudy and 10 degrees C, no wind, no rain - what southerly, I ask! Winter, what winter?


Lisa said...


Marilyn McDonald said...

Can't complain about the weather at all here this year, but I am not sure that such warm weather is that good for the planet.
Have had some stunning days/weeks in Hokitika, and it's been lovely here in Waikanae too. Just enough rain at times to keep the grass and garden growing - but they aren't meant to be at this point of the year!

Lisa said...

Its clear to me, you have stolen our summer!

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Lisa,
You'll be pleased to know that winter has set in, although intermittently. Heavy snow in the mountains (Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngaruahoe) in the central North Island, and heavy snow in the Southern Alps - chains required when driving through the passes. Here in Waikanae today it started clear and cold, turned to soft rain and is now sunny. I am sure I don't know what is happening with the weather, but if we had to stay home for a winter, this is the one to be here for, and this UK summer sounds like one best avoided in the main.