Saturday, 2 April 2016

Boatie visitors

Last year while on the Grand Union near Cassiobury, we met Pat and Roger from nb Cat's Whiskers. We saw them again (well, I did with Olek and Lesley) at Napton.

Today they came to lunch here at Cafe Rata.

The common denominators in this are these:
  • I have been present at each meeting
  • David has not. 

Well, to be strictly honest, he was present at Cassiobury but Barry and I had banished him from the deck or the locksides as he was suffering badly with plantar fasciitis and had to stay off his foot as much as possible; and when we met at Napton, David was in Scotland; and today he is up in Masterton.

Like us Pat and Roger do summer in each hemisphere - their daughter lives in Karori in Wellington and they come out here for 5 months or so.

It was lovely to catch up today over a few hours - often the interactions in locks etc are only a few minutes long. Enough to have a quick conversation and make a snap judgement about whether it's an acquaintanceship worthy of being developed into a friendship.

This one was. And lunch was fun.

Dessert was omega plum sponge pudding, cream with passionfruit and a chocolate. We had started with soup (pumpkin, kumara and celery), followed by prawn salad with rocket for them/ avocado for me.

They look like they are well fed and happy, don't they? I note my glass is empty ...
And we had a lovely but short walk along the beach, a coffee in one of the cafes nearby, and I managed to get lost twice by turning into the same wrong street - doh!

And then home again to chat some more. And in popped John who is heading to the UK for a holiday next week - he is borrowing our UK map book. I'd made an extra dessert for him - much better than just being offered a cuppa, don't you think?

Roger and Pat left with a bag full of perpetual rocket from my vege plot and two cuttings - a pelargonium and a geranium. And I've just realised I forgot to give her a piece of the tree fuschia - dammit! OK, next time ...

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