Friday, 18 March 2016


I am working from home for the next couple of weeks (until about 4 April in fact). David's mum is not well and unlikely to improve so I came home on Wednesday. Given Easter is just around the corner, it's not cost effective to be travelling up and down to Hokitika for short weeks. So working in the sunroom it is - thankfully David's work chair will be available (he will be staying over at his mum's for a bit) and I can stop using a dining chair with a pillow for my back, which is not the most comfortable.

It has been pleasant being home**, but David didn't get here till Thursday night and I miss him, as well as the Hokitika team.

** It's lovely being able to start work at 7am writing documents in bed with a cup of tea, and work in my dressing gown till I decide to take a break and get showered and dressed ...

Rob was here yesterday, and given David is not likely to be at home much for a bit, Rob was on lawnmowing as well as his standard gardening tasks. David and I had planned on going out for dinner in Paraparaumu but I had seen that a local restaurant had changed names. That seemed to signal a change of ownership, so I looked them up. The menu looked lovely - apart from the black pudding croquettes ... So at 6pm, David, Rob and I made our way there on foot.

At Maison 8 the food was yummy, service was lovely and friendly. We will definitely be returning and will take friends!

Here's some of what we had:

Goat's cheese croquettes with honeyed walnuts, beetroot and apple sticks - Rob and I shared this starter. I think I need to try to make these or something similar.

My dinner was crispy pork bellly with roasted carrots, pureed pumpkin and a lovely jus (gravy really, and yummy even without a fancy name ...)

Rob's Venison Wellington - also lovely apparently - bambi on a plate ...

David didn't wait for the photography session - he had roasted snapper with pistachio and pinenut crust. That also has to be replicated at Cafe Rata - with terakihi or blue cod tho - I don't like snapper much.
This morning we are heading over to Masterton to deliver David, a computer and a printer. We will take Mary's favourite food for her lunch: lamingtons. I don't remember seeing them in the UK. They are cubes of sponge cake (about 3" LWH) dipped in a liquid cocoa mixture and then rolled in shredded coconut. Rather yummy, but not a cake to be eaten when wearing black unless shrouded in a throat to toe apron ...

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