Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Preparing and packing

I have taken over all responsibility for the move. It was clear that David could not get on in a concentrated way with the Weaving Memories stuff (the only thing that is bringing in money at the moment)  while he was also stressing about the arrangements for the move. I just hadn’t said to him to leave it to me, so once I did that he has been much more relaxed. He now carries a small notebook around with him so that when tasks occur to him, he notes them down on a page of the notebook and then rips it out and hands it to me … Of course, that requires me to collect and collate said notes.

His only responsibility move-wise is to prepare the office for shifting. He now tells me that he is ready – what that means is everything that is currently there will be shifted holus bolus to Waikanae. If we’d been moving into the apartment he would not have this freedom to shift cr*p from one place to another. However, it’ll be less stressful for him, and therefore me and Joe, if he can take everything without having to sort it at this end.

I have prepared a plan in Excel with a sheet for each category of task. I think it’s going to be useful. I am adding tasks to it and updating tasks’ status as I go, and it does help to have it rather than rely on my memory. Memory, what memory? There was a time when I didn’t need to make lists. I remember that - it was about 30 years ago. Now if I don’t write it down, it has a half life of the half life of a monarch butterfly – possibly less, by a factor of 0.25. You note that I can still sound quite sensible in a mathematically calculating way, but trust me, it’s all based on long term memory …

Today has been quite busy – first thing (well, as first thing as you get when you don’t get out of bed till after 9am) Joe and I went off with a list of things to purchase – rooting hormone for cuttings, potting mix for plants I will take, aphids spray for the roses at the new house, packing boxes and bubble wrap, a couple of bits of groceries – and a few things to post. All done and back we come to the house so I can get on with packing. I had forgotten that it took me weeks to pack up (singlehanded) the house in Church Enstone back in 2007. I soon recollected that timeframe when I started packing crockery, glasses, ornaments, my precious Cow Parade cows. It took me about 3 hours to pack one large tea chest, but I am sure that, barring direct hammer blows, all inside the box will be safe.

I also packed several small boxes with ornaments, glasses and ramekins and have loaded them into the car – we are going to Waikanae tomorrow to meet with the owner and technical guy, and will drop (i.e. carefully place) things off in Bruce and Gary’s garage.

I am hopeful that I have sorted the moving company too today. If yes, it will be a boon to have that arranged.

I have put a few items up for sale on TradeMe. The one attracting interest at the moment is the queen sized sleigh bed and mattress. We shall see if it sells for a reasonable price.

Joe and I have decided that we will have the kitchen stuff packed (apart from the things we need for the next couple of weeks) by the end of this week and get the rest of the house packed by the end of next week. It’ll be strange for the place to be so empty! However it’ll make the cleaning so much easier. The house is always pretty clean – running a B&B requires a high standard of cleanliness. It’s the cupboards and skirtings and windows that’ll be the last things to do.

I am making the most of our last weeks of having Joe with us – he is a great cook and today was no exception. For lunch he made me a BLAT, for David pita pockets with lamb and salad, for himself lamb salad – it’s like being in a café and being able to choose individual dishes! Dinner tonight was rice and asparagus with chicken breast cooked in a marmalade and soy sauce based marinade – very yummy and to be repeated on the boat!

I did try this morning to book our flights in May next year back to the UK but for some reason Singapore Airlines don’t want to take us to Glasgow – what is wrong with flying to Scotland, I ask you?

My next task is to send invitations to our ‘At Home’ farewell party on 9 November. I had best get on with that or people will have made alternative arrangements for the afternoon, and it would never do to have a poor turnout to our Helston Swansong, would it?


Les Biggs said...

Trying to see if you have comment moderation. Some I have found have a number thing to copy. No idea how they get that on blogger.
Now i see you have numbers please how do you change it?

Marilyn McDonald said...

Les, until a couple of days ago, your moderation was numbers. It (and nb Holderness's moderation, changed to the weirdly written letters yesterday, I think. The numbers were good, the letters are a pain as they are often very hard to make out.
I have no idea how to change it though - I will consult the IT Dept when he has made my morning cup of tea.
Love and biggs hugs to you and Jaq,